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What Can I Do If My Mobile Data Works But Not Calls? (8 Methods!)

Smartphones are fantastic pieces of technology, whether you’re using the latest device or one of the earlier models.

There is no question when it comes to the brilliance of technological advancement that’s available to us now because of the invention of the smartphone.

Not too long ago, a phone was only good for making and receiving phone calls and texting.

Nowadays, they’re able to send instant messages and emails, make video calls, and perform nearly all of the functions your standard computer can accomplish.

With your smartphone, you can pretty much communicate with anyone throughout all digital channels.

The best part is that making calls has significantly improved as well! Calls are now cheaper, clearer, and connect virtually instantly.

The call function on a smartphone still carries its highest value, especially in the business world.

So, what would you do if one day you find that your mobile data still works- but your phone has suddenly lost the ability to make calls?

What a frightening thought!

This inability is a lot more common than people might think, and any attempts to call someone will immediately result in the call being dropped.

What could be the reason for this?

How do you solve this problem?

Let’s discuss this further, and find a lasting solution to this very annoying situation!

Why Is My Phone Not Able To Make Calls?

man on a phone call while in a cafe

Nothing’s more frustrating than a phone that’s unable to make standard calls.

It makes it even more infuriating when everything else, including the mobile data connection, seems to be working fine.

If you aren’t particularly tech-savvy, this unusual situation can make you want to tear your hair out!

While you do have the option to rely on other communication channels such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger in the meantime (unless calls are failing there too, of course), it’s still important to fix this problem as soon as possible.

Here are a few of the most common reasons as to why you might be unable to make calls:

The Wrong Settings

It’s possible you may have accidentally toggled or changed something in your settings (or it may have even changed by itself), which has then subsequently resulted in this problem.

Mobile data works off the same radio waves that allow you to make calls, making it unlikely to be a hardware problem.

If you don’t see any sign of physical damage on your device (have you sat on your phone recently, for instance?), then the next step is to check your call settings.

A common example of a settings issue is unknowingly enabling the “Do Not Disturb” feature. Furthermore, you may have programmed that feature to block calling whenever it’s enabled.

Blocked Numbers


Do you know all the numbers you’ve blocked on your phone?

In the same vein: Do you know all of the contacts who have blocked your number?

The contact you’re trying to reach may be in your Blocked Numbers lists, making it impossible to carry out the call.

Alternatively, you may not be aware when a person has put you on their blocklist either.

You can quickly find out whether this is the case by calling your cellular network provider. If the call goes through, you are potentially dealing with a blocked number situation!

Cellular Network Provider Challenges

Your cellular network provider may be facing network coverage errors or technical difficulties that are subsequently causing this call failure problem.

The good news is these problems typically don’t last for too long, and they affect every customer on the network.

Check with others on the same network to see if they are experiencing the same problem as well.

Additionally, you’ll probably also have the option to check online for reports of any current network issues.


anroid with hacked background

It’s possible for malicious software to cripple your phone’s call functionality.

Malware typically gets into your phone when installing an infected app or downloading something from an unsecure website.

The culprit, in this case, will most likely be the most recent app you installed before the problem began.

If you ignore a security threat notification at the time of the installation or download, it’s very likely that you’re now dealing with malware.

What Can I Do If My Mobile Data Works- But Not Calls?

When your phone can connect to mobile data but can’t make calls, the problem is either within the phone or with your cellular network provider.

Before you write your phone off completely, it may be helpful to take the steps detailed below:

Check Your Network Signal Indicator

The issue could be as simple as being in a dead spot with no signal!

There are areas where cellular coverage just doesn’t reach, such as in deep basements or rural areas.

Additionally, calls may not go through when you approach your country’s borders, as your cellular network provider’s coverage may not be designed to extend that far (unless the “Global” setting is enabled).

Check Airplane Mode

android airplane mode icon

Depending on your phone, it may not be readily apparent that you have “Airplane Mode” on at first glance.

If it is, all of your attempts to place a call will proceed to fail until you disable the setting.

The good news is that most phones have easy-to-access quick settings; you only need to add the “Airplane Mode” toggle to that menu.

In the meantime, you can check the setting by going to the Network and Internet section of your phone’s settings.

Simply scroll down to the Airplane Mode toggle and verify its status.

It’s also important to check the settings for the notification tray. Consider installing another one if your Android launcher cannot display the Flight Mode icon at the top.

Such a simple yet essential icon should be clearly visible at all times!

Check Your Call And Data Plan Status

Another important aspect to confirm is that you’re still within your plan coverage period.

This is because some network providers fail to send timely notifications of an upcoming pending payment- meaning you could be left without service and coverage without any warning!

Additionally, it’s possible that your regular subscription payment may have failed, leading to the temporary disconnection of your account- or worse, the termination of your contract.

Either way, once your payments are recognized, you should be able to make and receive calls once more.

Check For Malware

There’s also the scary possibility that your iPhone or Android device may currently be suffering from a malware attack.

If so, it’s vital to get rid of it before it causes further damage by investing in proper anti-virus software.

If that fails, the next best course of action would be to take your device to tech support for further assistance.

It’s advisable to continually update your phone to the latest version of operating software and security patches, whenever you can.

Restart Your Phone

finger pressing power off button

If you’re familiar with our other articles, you already knew this suggestion was coming!

As we’ve discussed in our previous writings, restarting your phone is one of the easiest ways to fix the problem. It doesn’t matter if it was a glitch in the mobile network’s signal or the settings; a restart is a quick way to address that problem.

Reset Your Phone

If you restart the phone several times and the problem still persists, you may then want to try a hard reset.

Erasing all of the phone’s data and settings should remove any unwanted software glitches that could be causing the problem.

As always, be sure to backup all of your essential information and files before resetting the phone to factory settings!

Ask For A Replacement, if Under Warranty

If the phone is still under warranty, you should look into your eligibility to request for a replacement unit.

Most phone warranties allow you to replace a phone as long as there are no visible signs of physical damage.

Software-related problems are usually not your fault; thus, the warranty should be available!

However, a replacement only happens after tech support has tried every possible solution to the problem and failed.

Take The Proactive Approach

iphone ios updating

Once you’ve fixed the problem, it’s important to remain proactive to prevent future complications.

Firstly, always check for and install the latest security updates.

Scroll through your app drawer and remove any apps you no longer use, or that is redundant. Aim to install phone apps only from trusted sources such as the Play Store.

If you are still going to be using third-party sites to download your apps, ensure you only download files from trusted sites and heed all security warnings of suspicious files.

You should also have a good antivirus and anti-malware app installed.

Finally, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with your phone’s settings to prevent accidental changes in the future!

Final Words

It can definitely be frustrating if mobile data works- but not calls!

A phone that fails to perform its primary function of making and receiving calls loses its value rather rapidly.

If you don’t know what’s caused the problem, hopefully this guide was able to help you in resolving the matter quickly.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be overly tech-savvy to get to the bottom of this issue!

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