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Is It Safe To Use AirPods While Charging Your Phone In 2024?

is it safe to use airpods while charging your phone

Anyone that’s known the Big Apple Logo also knows that their products can improve and elevate everyday life with their incredibly helpful apps and functions.

One such accessory is the ever-popular AirPods.

The Apple Airpods were first announced in September 2016, along with the iPhone 7. Since then, it has been one of the most sought-after products among Apple aficionados all over the world.

It has always been very easy to use AirPods while charging your phone- simply plug the charger in, and away you go!

However, the more important question that we’re tackling regarding this issue is: Should you?

You’re probably here because you have some concerns about whether it is entirely safe for you to do so and whether it might cause any damage to your phone.

So, is it safe to use AirPods while charging your phone?

You’ve come to the right place!

There are no direct or official answers to these questions from Apple themselves, but by delving deep into the furthest recesses of the internet, we have been able to formulate what we believe to be the best advice on the subject.

Strictly speaking: While you can use your AirPods while your phone is charging, a few issues can arise.

A few of the concerns include the safety of your phone battery, the phone’s charging speed- and even your physical safety during the process! 

Device Safety Considerations

Device Safety Considerations
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One major issue that can arise if you use your AirPods (and, by extension, your phone) while charging is that your phone can become overheated!

This is a common issue with lithium-ion batteries (which you will find in iPhones), and these components do not appreciate extreme temperatures (be it hot or cold).

As such, if you run a resource-intensive app (a game or movie streaming, for instance) with Bluetooth while your phone is charging, it can quickly heat up your phone to dangerous levels.

It goes without saying that it’s not good for your phone battery’s long-term health!

Once damaged, the maximum charging capacity of your iPhone’s battery and its overall health will decrease very quickly.

When an iPhone overheats, it will display a temperature warning stating that the phone needs to cool down as a warning that you are straying into a potentially hazardous situation.

If this is unavoidable (for example, you might need to attend to an important call on your Airpods while your phone is charging), there are certain things that you can do to mitigate the damage.

Firstly, check that there are no other intensive apps running in the background. It can also help to turn on the battery-saving function (Low Power Mode).

This will automatically disable some of the power-hungry features of your iPhone that are usually running in the background.

(Keep in mind that once your battery level reaches 80 percent, Low Power Mode automatically switches off. You can just turn it right back on manually, though!)

Overall, if your phone isn’t running any powerful features/apps in the background, you should be able to safely take a call on your Airpods without your iPhone heating up into a dangerous temperature range.

AirPods can also be paired with Android phones, and as such Android users should follow a similar process with their device.

Nevertheless, any time when you are using your Airpods, and you notice your phone getting extremely hot while charging, we advise that you immediately disconnect your AirPods.

Take the phone off the charger, and leave it in a cool place to let it return to a normal temperature!

Charging Rate Decrease

Charging Rate Decrease
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The next issue that may arise when using your AirPods while your phone is recharging is the rate at which your phone charges may decrease!

Essentially, this means that your phone will take more time to charge fully.

You may be aware that putting on the Airplane mode charges your phone more quickly. Well, the opposite is true if you use your AirPods simultaneously as you are charging your phone.

Airplane Mode disables all the significant features of your phone- so much so that you can’t even make calls! The result of this is that the rate of charging goes up manifold.

In contrast, when several apps are running in the background, and you use your phone to make a call while it’s plugged in, the charging speed will decrease accordingly.

Using AirPods while your phone is charging is a significant drain on the battery. This is because both an app and Bluetooth will be running at the same time.

With so many applications running in the background, your iPhone’s (or any other phone’s) charging capabilities will naturally decrease.

Therefore, if you want to recharge your phone in the shortest amount of time possible, try to use the bare minimum features/apps while it’s plugged in!

This consequently means that you should avoid using your AirPods while your phone is charging. Refraining from doing so will help your phone to charge to 100% that much more quickly.

Your Physical Safety

Your Physical Safety
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After conducting an extensive amount of research, it appears that it is reasonably safe to use your AirPods to take calls or listen to music while your phone is charging- at least when it concerns physical safety.

This seems to be one of the distinct benefits of wireless earphones.

Since your AirPods are connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, there is no chance of electrocution or other similar dangers.

However, it is essential to understand that the wireless setup isn’t free from all sorts of electrical interference.

For instance, Apple cautions its customers about using AirPods in areas where the air is extremely dry. This is because static electricity can build up quickly in areas of dry air.

As a result, you may experience some electro-static discharge from your AirPods. To minimize the risks, Apple advises you to touch an unpainted grounded metal object before inserting the AirPods into your ears.

Lastly, when it comes to your safety and using AirPods, it’s recommended that you don’t use AirPods with the cushions removed for reasons of volume control and auditory safety.

This applies universally- whether you’re using your AirPods while charging your phone or not!

Wrapping Up

In this article, we looked into the various factors surrounding whether it is safe to use Airpods while your cell phone is connected to a power source.

We have discovered that although it may not induce bodily harm to you, it can damage your phone.

It can wreak particular havoc on your phone’s heart- that is, the lithium ion battery.

This is due to the fact that the phone may become more likely to overheat while charging, as well as significantly handicapping the rate at which it can take on power.

If it’s an emergency, by all means, hook up those AirPods and go ahead and make that phone call! There are no immediate harmful issues associated with infrequent use.

However, it’s definitely best to avoid using your Airpods via your phone’s Bluetooth while it is charging under normal, everyday circumstances. Your phone’s long-term health will thank you!

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