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How To Go Back To The First Message In Messenger In 2024 (Multiple Methods!)

Do you sometimes feel the urge to stroll down memory lane?

Ever wonder how you first started talking to a particular contact?

Sometimes it feels good to see how you first started chatting with friends or loved ones on Facebook.

So good, in fact, that you often wonder how to go back to the first message in Messenger!

As you probably discovered, since you may have already exchanged hundreds and sometimes thousands of messages, it can be pretty hard to scroll all the way up to see the very first “Hey. How you doinnnn?”.

To help you with exactly that, we’ve written this article to show you exactly how to go back to that very first message on your Facebook Messenger app with very little effort.

If you’re on a smartphone, you can see the first message by using special apps designed specifically for that purpose.

These apps allow you to scroll up to the first message in seconds!

When it comes to your options, you may want to download the Chat Downloader app, or the “Search in the conversation” method.

If you want to see the first message on a PC, we recommend the “Search in the box” method. We’ve also tested the chat downloader chrome extension, and that works fine as well.

Let’s get straight into the details of each method!

How Can I Get To The Top Of My Messages On Messenger On Mobile?

messenger chat notification on a laptop

Below are the best ways to reach the first message that you’ve sent in a conversation (even Secret Conversations):

Use The Easy Scroll App (For Android Users)

The Easy Scroll app is one of the best tools when you want to view the first message on Messenger quickly.

The process of doing so is simple and requires minimum effort!

First, go to the Google Play Store and download the app.

After completing the installation, open the app and accept the prompt requesting permission to access your phone.

Also, you should select the “last option” on the Settings page for faster scrolling.

Now you should be able to view the different options to control the scrolling app on your mobile phone.

Next, open Messenger and tap on the chat thread with the messages you want to see.

Following that, tap on the Start button to initiate the scrolling.

This will eventually reveal the first message of the chat thread!

Depending on the number of messages exchanged, the scrolling process may take a few seconds to a few minutes.

When it reaches the first message, the scrolling will stop automatically.

Once completed, simply close the Easy Scroll app from the mobile task manager.

Chat Downloader App For iPhone Users

facebook messenger app in the app store

This app is perhaps the easiest way to get to the first message without scrolling.

It’s as simple as can be, as it will automatically open from the first message once you’ve downloaded the chat via the app!

However, some people may not like the idea of downloading an app to see the first message on Messenger due to security concerns.

Therefore, we do have other methods you can use to go about it.

Search in Conversation” Method

Sometimes, you have to put some effort in and utilize the innovative features on your mobile device in order to view the first message on a chat thread.

To use the search feature, you’ll need to remember and enter a prominent keyword used in the first conversation you had with the person.

However, if nothing comes to mind, you can always start with “Hi” or “Hello” as chats usually begin with these types of greetings.

First, open the Messenger mobile app and click on the chat you would like to search through.

After opening the chat, tap on that person’s name and select the “Search in Conversation” option to view the options.

locating the name of your friend

locating search in conversation button in messenger

Then, enter keywords you or the other person may have used at the very beginning of your conversation.

locating search bar in search in conversation

If you remember anything at all, enter the word or phrase in the search space and tap ‘Search’- after which you should see that particular word high up in the chat thread.

Then, all you have to do is scroll over a few more conversation exchanges upwards to hopefully get to the first message!

How To Go Back To The First Message In Messenger While Using A PC

person using laptop for social media

Trying to locate the first message from a chat thread on a PC requires a different process.

Here are the two ways you can find the first message in the PC version of Messenger:

“Search in the Box” Method

Here are the steps to follow when it comes to finding the first message on the PC chat thread:

  • Enter in any browser, then click search. Open the conversation you want to search.
  • Click on the “three dots” button on the top right side of your screen. You’ll see a few options, and one of them will be “Customized Chat”.
  • After clicking on the “Customized Chat” menu, you’ll see the “Search in conversation” option. Click on it, and enter a keyword or phrase featured in the first messages you had with the recipient.
  • Messenger will highlight that message. Click on the “Done” option and then scroll up for a few seconds to see the first message!

Finding Old Messages Via Google Chrome Extension

You can also use a Google Chrome Extension to view the first message in a thread.

  • First, install a Google Chrome extension called Message/Chat Downloader.
  • Next, open the chat you would like to search.
  • Click on the extension and then download the chat. After the download is completed, you should be able to see the content of the first messages in a new tab.

Can You Go Back To A Specific Date On Facebook Messenger?

screen close up of messenger icon

Yes, it is also pretty easy to go back to a specific date on Facebook messenger. Here is how to do it:

  • Open on your browser. This is a mobile version of Facebook.
  • Next, open the chat, right-click on the “See older messages” option, and click on “Open in new tab.”
  • Viewing the new tab, you will see a timestamp in the URL. To go to a specific date, change the timestamp.To do that, you can use different timestamp converters such as Epochconverter or UNIX TimeStamp. Just open any of these websites, input a date, and generate a timestamp.
  • Go to the tab again, change the timestamp with the new one, and refresh the page. This will take you back to the messages sent on that date. Locate what you want to see, and that’s it!

In Conclusion

The easy methods detailed in this article should work on your mobile device and PC, respectively.

There are a few different methods you can try when you want to take that trip down memory lane via Messenger (even if you’ve deactivated it).

If you’re patient enough, or if the conversation isn’t too long, you could simply scroll up to the very first message manually.

However, if there are hundreds or even thousands of Facebook messages already exchanged, this method will be quite tedious and tiring.

Thankfully, there are other ways to find your first message with a particular contact in the Messenger app.

Some require downloading a specific app to find the first message, while others rely on your ability to remember what was said in the first few chat bubbles.

Go ahead and try any or all of these methods!

They’re all free, and require absolutely no technical knowledge. Good luck!

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