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How To Get Ink Off Silicone Phone Cases (9 Effective Methods!)

how to get ink off silicone phone case

Along with a screen protector, your mobile phone cover or case is one of the most crucial components when it comes to keeping your smartphone safe.

A silicone or rubber phone case protects your cell phone from damage in the inevitable situations where you drop it or hit the device against objects as you walk around.

Cases are available in various protective materials such as plastic, cloth- and even wood!

However, when it comes to keeping our phones safe from drops and bumps, there’s nothing comparable to a silicone case.

There are many potential benefits to a silicone case, such as its slender design, beautiful appearance, and relatively low price.

However, the material can be tough to maintain and keep clean. Silicone cases tend to become dirty over time, and keeping them looking pristine is a real challenge- especially if young children use the phone frequently!

A major problem is when we get ink on the rubber cases while working in the office. 

These stubborn stains can prove challenging to remove even with a variety of cleaning products, rubbing alcohol, or warm soapy water.

Never fret!

In this article, we are going to be listing nine different methods you can try to clean your phone case and take those ink marks off once and for all!

Ways To Get Ink Off A Silicone Phone Case

Ways To Get Ink Off A Silicone Phone Case
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Here are nine ways you can use to get ink off a silicone phone case:

1. Use Lukewarm Water

Warm water is the most accessible tool in your arsenal when it comes to removing ink from silicone cases.

Firstly, put some lukewarm water in a bowl or container.

Then, place the phone case in the bowl and wait for eight to ten minutes.

Finally, using a soft-bristled toothbrush, gently scrub the ink spots off the surface.

Use extreme caution when cleaning with hot water. If it is boiling hot instead of lukewarm, it can result in skin burns! Your case will also likely be damaged.

2. Apply Ice Cubes

Put a few ice cubes in a cup or container.

Following that, place your silicone case on top of the ice cubes in the cup. Let it sit there for about 15 minutes.

Take another bowl and pour some warm water into it.

Once the fifteen minutes have passed, transfer and wash the case with lukewarm water.

3. Dish Soap And Water

Dish soap and water can also prove effective in removing small stains or minor ink spots.

First, fill a bowl or container with hot water, then add two to three drops of any dish soap. Stir it thoroughly.

Then, use a cloth or toothbrush to scrub your case well with soap and water.

Make sure that you clean hard-to-reach areas thoroughly, such as the opening for the camera or any other small holes.

Rinse and repeat this procedure as many times as necessary until the case is spotless and free of ink.

Finally, dry the case with a soft cloth and allow it to air dry for at least an hour before putting it back on your phone!

4. Use alcohol

Alcohol is an excellent solvent that you can use to dissolve any ink that might be on your silicone case.

Pour a small amount of isopropyl alcohol on a soft cloth and scrub your case until all the stains are removed.

After you’ve finished with this step, take a dry cloth and wipe your case to finish the procedure.

After a few minutes, the case should feel dry to the touch. However, we recommend you wait at least an hour before reinstalling your phone cover.

5. Baking Soda

Baking Soda
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If the stains on your transparent phone case are stubborn, it can be a good move to try baking soda.

Similar to other procedures already mentioned above, this one is also pretty straightforward. Simply cover your case or the stained areas with baking soda!

Scrub your phone case with a wet toothbrush to remove stains and visible ink blemishes.

After thoroughly brushing all affected areas, rinse the case with water and wipe away any baking soda residue with a clean cloth. Finally, allow the case to air dry for at least an hour.

6. Sand Paper

If you’ve tried everything else and nothing is working, it may be time to try sandpaper.

Take a piece of fine-grade sandpaper and rub it softly over the surface of the silicone phone case where there are ink stains.

Rub the sandpaper back and forth with a moderate level of pressure until you remove all of the pen ink stains.

Avoid rubbing too hard, as the silicone cover material is delicate and soft!

7. Toothpaste

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Did you know that toothpaste is an excellent product for cleaning stains from various accessories?

There is nothing better than toothpaste for making your case clear and shiny in just a few simple steps.

Apply the toothpaste to the stains, and spread it out in circular motions.

Using a microfiber or similar soft cloth, gently rub at the stain with the cloth. Finally, wash your case with water and let it dry for ten minutes.

8. Bleach

This chemical compound is also excellent for cleaning your stained case and restoring it to its original appearance.

We recommend putting on gloves before using bleach as the product can irritate the skin.

Combine three parts of water with two parts of bleach in a medium-sized mixing bowl.

If your case is of high quality, we recommend you soak it in the bowl for thirty minutes to ensure that all stains are removed and that the case is spotless.

9. Oxygenated Water

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is also known as oxygenated water.

It is both a powerful cleaning agent and an excellent natural disinfectant.

When using this product, you should definitely take care as it can damage the case material if left in contact with the cleaning agent for too long.

Apply the hydrogen peroxide paste to the case and wrap it with plastic. Leave it for an hour, and then remove the wrap from your phone case and rinse it well.

How To Take Care Of Your Silicone Mobile Case

How To Take Care Of Your Silicone Mobile Case
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Silicone cases are made of a material that easily picks up stains and other marks.

Accidental grazing it with some coarse foreign objects can easily cause damage. As such, you should be careful not to grate your silicone case over any rough surfaces!

To maintain the shininess of your case, clean it regularly with a dry cloth. If there are any stains, follow one (or all) of the methods above to get rid of them!

Final Words

Silicone phone cases are a great way to keep your phone safe.

However, while they are protective of your phone, you also need to take care of the cases themselves to keep them in optimal condition!

These cases are made from a soft material that can easily become stained or damaged when rubbed against hard surfaces.

When using your phone at school or in the office, it only takes a few seconds for a case to become populated with unfortunate ink markings!

Fortunately, there are quite a few effective methods you can use to get ink off a silicone phone case.

Pick one of the nine easy methods above, and get to work. Your phone case will be back to its normal self in no time at all!

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