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How Long Does 10% Battery Last On An iPhone?

Battery Last

How long your iPhone’s battery lasts depends on its usage. Your battery’s duration depends on several factors, such as the iPhone model, battery health, surrounding temperature, etc.

However, many want to know how long a 10% battery can last on their iPhone. Every person uses their iPhone differently, so not everyone can get the same lifespan from a 10% battery.

If you check your notifications and look at your display occasionally, 10% will serve you for a long time.

Nevertheless, 10% can last for up to almost twenty minutes or more if you are gaming with your phone. How long a 10% battery can last boils down to how strong it is and what you are using it for.

iPhone ModelApproximate time 10% battery lasts
iPhone 111 hour and 20 minutes
iPhone 11 Pro1 hour and 30 minutes
iPhone 11 Pro Max1 hour and 45 minutes
iPhone 121 hour and 25 minutes
iPhone 12 Mini1 hour and 10 minutes
iPhone 12 Pro1 hour and 35 minutes
iPhone 12 Pro Max1 hour and 50 minutes
iPhone 131 hour and 30 minutes
iPhone 13 Mini1 hour and 15 minutes
iPhone 13 Pro1 hour and 40 minutes
iPhone 13 Pro Max1 hour and 55 minutes
iPhone 141 hour and 35 minutes
iPhone 14 Mini1 hour and 20 minutes
iPhone 14 Pro1 hour and 45 minutes
iPhone 14 Pro Max2 hours

Factors That Determine How Long 10% Battery Lasts On iPhones

Battery Last

How long a 10% battery will last on one person’s iPhone is different from how long it would last on another’s. Here are the various factors that determine how long your iPhone battery lasts. 

Phone Model And Battery Capacity

Battery Last

One of the significant factors that determine how long your iPhone battery lasts is the battery’s capacity and phone model.

Fortunately, there have been significant improvements in the iPhone battery with the latest models. Hence, the latest models have higher battery capacity, which lasts longer. 

For instance, the iPhone 5 and 5S have 1440 and 1560 mAh batteries, respectively. In its idle mode, these devices lose about 10 to 15% charge per hour, according to AnandTech.

The iPhone 6 and 6s have a better battery life, providing more usage time with just 10% battery life. The iPhone’s battery capacity keeps increasing with the later models.

Furthermore, the latest versions were optimized for better battery performance, making the battery last longer even when low.

Hence, your phone’s model and battery capacity are crucial in how long a 10% charge can last you. 

Battery Health

Battery Last

The battery health of an iPhone also determines how long the battery can last. New batteries, usually with 100% battery health, last longer. However, as the phone gets old, so does the battery.

The process of discharging and recharging the battery reduces its lifespan. Hence, despite having a higher capacity, a battery with poor health will not last long. 

Apple recommends you change your battery once its health drops below 80%. At that stage, your battery will no longer charge for long. Hence, the better your battery health, the longer it will last at 10%. 


Battery Last

Many people do not know this, but temperature significantly affects a phone’s battery and performance. Using your phone in a hot environment will drain its battery faster.

Hence, with just 10% battery life, your iPhone will not last long when used in a hot environment. 

Considering your battery is in good condition in a relaxed environment, 10% battery life can serve you for over an hour with light usage. However, if you use it for heavy tasks, you can expect it to last up to thirty minutes. 

Tips for Making Your iPhone’s Battery Last Longer

Now that you know some of the factors responsible for draining your iPhone’s battery, you would also want to learn how to make your battery last longer. Here are some proven ways to make your iPhone battery last longer:

Disabling Dynamic Backgrounds

Battery Last

iPhones have a dynamic wallpaper feature; it changes behind the app icons. This feature makes the phone’s UI look fantastic but consumes more power.

Static backgrounds consume less power than these dynamic backgrounds. Hence, turning off the iOS dynamic background feature will help you save your battery last longer. Once your battery is low, you should turn it off to get more use time. 

Reduce Screen Brightness

Battery Last

Many people like using their mobile phones at maximum brightness, which is unhealthy for their eyes. In addition, it also drains the phone’s battery faster. In a darker environment, reduce the brightness to the barest minimum to save battery life. 

Turning on auto-brightness would also help, automatically adjusting the brightness to suit your environment’s light condition. Hence, the screen will be brighter and darker in brighter environments.

Turn Off Bluetooth

Battery Last

Turning off your air pods and leaving your phone’s Bluetooth on is expected. As insignificant as we see it, Bluetooth drains a battery.

Sending or receiving data through Bluetooth also consumes a lot of battery life. Hence, you should always turn off your Bluetooth when not in use.

With just 10% battery life left in your iPhone, you should disconnect any wireless earpiece or headset connected to the phone to extend its battery life. 

App Background Activity Restriction

Battery Last

Another thing that drains a battery faster in smartphones is background apps. Many apps run in the background even when you are not using them.

These background activities need and consume a lot of battery power. Hence, managing and restricting some of these app background processes will save you some battery life.

To do this, go to ‘Settings,’ then ‘General,’ and click ‘Background App Refresh.’ Turn off the switch to restrict background processes. 

Turn Off Location And Wi-Fi

Battery Last

iPhone Location helps to share your location with apps and platforms that need it. However, this feature always runs in the background, consuming more power. To save some energy, you should turn off your location. 

Battery Last

Turning off your Wi-Fi will also save you some battery life. Leaving your Wi-Fi on continuously contributes to the fast battery drainage you are experiencing. Your location and Wi-Fi should be turned off when your battery is down to 20% or 10% unless you use them. 


The iPhone battery is weaker than other smartphones. However, there have been considerable improvements over the years.

Apple has optimized its devices to utilize batteries better, ensuring your Battery Lasts longer.

If your battery is healthy and well-optimized, a 10% battery life can serve you for an hour or more when you are not using the phone. However, if you are using the phone, it can last for up to twenty or thirty minutes.

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