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How Do I Find Hidden Apps On My Husband’s Phone?

Hidden Apps

Of course, we’re all entitled to privacy, but you might be curious about what your husband might be hiding on his Phone. To reveal hidden apps on an iPhone:

Keep swiping left on your homepage until the App Library is opened > Type the App’s name on the search bar at the top > Tap and hold the App to move it to the home screen. For Android Devices: Go to Settings > Apps/Manage Apps > Toggle to ‘All’ Apps.

The steps above are only a drop in the vast ways people can find hidden apps and files on a phone. Read on to learn more about how you can hide and reveal apps and files on your iPhone or Android device.

How Can I Find Hidden Apps On an iPhone?

Opening the App Library

Hidden Apps

The first step is to open the App Library on your iPhone. Keep swiping right to left on your home screen until a list of all the apps appears on your iPhone — this is your App Library. Search for the App you want to un-hide.

Using the Apple App Store

Hidden Apps

Open the App Store on your iPhone. Next, click on the profile pic icon on the top-right corner of the screen. When the Account screen opens up, tap on your name and Apple ID; this step will require you to enter your Apple ID’s password. Once the Account Settings open up, please scroll down to find Hidden Purchases and click on it.

How Do I Know My Husband Has Hidden Apps on His Android Phone?

There are plenty of ways to determine if a person has hidden apps on his PhonePhone in seconds. Some of the easiest methods are:

Opening Apps in the Settings

Hidden Apps

As a general rule of thumb, every Android phone can reveal hidden apps in the phone settings. To do this:

Look for the Settings icon, and tap on it > Choose Apps & notifications > From there, tap the ‘See all apps’ option. Tap it, and you’ll see all the installed apps on your device. You can then scroll through the apps to explore the device’s contents.

Every Android phone has a different User Interface (UI); therefore, if you cannot see an Apps column in your settings, you can always type out ‘Apps’ in the search bar at the top of the settings App.

Using Android File Manager

Hidden Apps

Plenty of apps on the Play Store allow users to find hidden apps. One such example is ES File Explorer. Follow these simple steps to see all the hidden files on an Android phone:

First, go to Play Store and download the latest version of ES File Explorer. A file manager displays information about all the apps downloaded on the device. 

Once installed, open the file explorer and slide the Menu drawer to the right. You will see an option for ‘Tools.’ Tap it. Next, scroll down to find ‘Show hidden files’ and enable it to reveal them on your Phone. 

You can now see and access all the hidden apps on the device. To hide the apps again, simply Disable the Show hidden apps option.

The App Drawer

Hidden Apps

Checking the App drawer is one of the easiest methods to reveal hidden apps on the Phone. First, open the App drawer on your PhonePhone, usually achieved by swiping up from the bottom of your screen.

Next, click on the Menu Icon — it usually appears as three dots or a Settings gear icon at the top of the apps list. This bar looks different on different Android versions.

If your Android has a separate Menu icon at the bottom-right side of the screen, click it. Once inside the App drawer settings, look for the ‘Show hidden apps’ option and click on it. This will reveal a list of all hidden apps on your PhonePhone.

If this option doesn’t appear, the device has no hidden apps.

Look for Trick Applications and Secure Folder

Android users—especially Samsung users- can hide apps and photos, videos, texts, and more—many Android phones now feature ‘Secure Folder’ on their devices. Secure Folders essentially create a whole different phone inside your PhonePhone, and inside that secure folder, you can install apps and move files to the secure folder to hide them from the rest of the PhonePhone. Users can even change the secure folder’s icon and name.

The easiest way to locate a secure folder is to open Settings and search for ‘Secure Folder’ by clicking the search button on the top right. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything if you don’t have the password to the secure folder. Apps like Vault have also surfaced with features similar to secure folders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How to find hidden tracking apps on my Phone?

Here’s how to find hidden tracking apps on your PhonePhone,

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Navigate to General > Privacy > Location Services (Privacy > Location Services for iPhones)
  3. Next, look for the apps that are turned to ‘Always’ for sharing location
  4. Delete the apps which you did not install or turn off location services

Q. How can I hide apps on my Phone?

To hide apps on an iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Long-press the App you want to hide from your home screen
  2. Click on Remove App from the options that popped up
  3. Tap on ‘Remove from Home Screen’ to hide the App

Follow these steps to hide apps on Android:

  1. Long-press a space on the home screen
  2. Click on home screen settings in the bottom right corner
  3. Pick ‘Hide apps’ from the menu
  4. Select the apps you want to hide in this menu
  5. Tap Apply

Q. How to know if there are hidden apps on my Phone?

To know if there are any hidden apps on your phones, go to Settings > Tap Apps > Click on All Apps. For iPhones, swipe right to left on your home screen until App Library opens; then, look for the apps you want.

Q. How to find hidden files on Android?

For finding hidden files on Android,

Open File Manager > Tap on Menu (three dots on the top-right corner) > Tap Settings > Scroll down to find ‘Show Hidden Files.’ Some Android phones may require you to go into Advanced settings to reveal the ‘Show Hidden Files option.


You may be forced to find hidden apps on your husband’s Android when the situation calls for it. However, only resort to these methods when you have no other choice.

Hiding and unhiding apps on Android and iPhones are relatively easy, as seen above; however, you should also look for trick applications on Android devices. These applications can easily be identified because they have a Settings icon next to them when you open the App list in the Settings. Hidden apps on iPhones can also be accessed through the App Library.

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