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What Apps Have A Heart-Shaped Notification Icon? (UPDATED-2024)

Infidelity has always been a scandalous affair between lovers, even before smartphones and tablets were invented and became popular.

Now that people use these gadgets more than ever, cheaters are growing bolder and more creative in their ways.

Sometimes, you can even spot a straying partner from the dating sites randomly popping up on their phone, or a simple heart-shaped notification icon!

Suppose your partner sends you a screenshot, and you see the suspicious heart-shaped icon in the upper top left corner of the image.

The first thought in your mind is probably that the notification is from a dating app!

However, we don’t recommend jumping to conclusions but rather openly communicate with your partner about what you saw.

If you’re not quite ready for that conversation, our team of researchers have compiled fitness and dating apps in this article that have a heart-shaped notification icon.

Remember: Not all heart-shaped icons represent dating sites, since health apps such as the Samsung Heart Rate Monitor and iOS Health also frequently use the symbol.

Also, not all heart-shaped icons are equal; some are standalone images, while others have an accompanying frame.

As such, which logo confirms a dating app and which one does not? We’ve discussed all that below!

What Apps Have A Red Heart Notification?

Have you ever spotted a heart notification on your spouse’s phone?

It’s probably best if you don’t point fingers at your partner right away, because there’s a high chance that it’s not a dating app.

We’ve listed down a handful of red heart notification icons below that are frequently associated with dating apps:

System Notification: SIM Card

sim card system notification

A folded paper icon with a heart inside indicates your preferred SIM card for twin-SIM devices.

Usually, a notification from a system app will display on the right-hand side of the screen. On the other hand, user-installed apps are prominent in the upper left corner.

Older Samsung models such as the J5 Prime display this icon when selecting the default calling card.

Rewarded Play

rewarded play app notification icon

Does the suspicious icon look like a heart enclosing a star?

If so, you might be dealing with the Rewarded Play app, a game that allows you to exchange points for gift cards.

Samsung Members

samsung members app notification icon

The notification for Samsung Members is a heart icon crowned with a dot. Many people frequently mistake it for a dating app.

However, Samsung Members assists users to complete various tasks through the app’s community of professionals.

Syncing Cloud Storage

syncing cloud storage notification icon

Cloud Storage app logos generally look like a cloud.

However, when you upload or download data, there’s a tiny handset that blocks part of the icon.

The resulting image can look like a giant heart rotated sideways with a right-side arrow pointing to a smaller phone.

Google Fit

google fit logo on screen of a phone

There are two symbols for Google Fit, but one looks like a heart with a line crossing inside it.

Since developers didn’t explicitly describe the particular line, some people assume it to be an incomplete heart.

The heart is a notification icon for Google Fit that pops up after you’ve completed your daily goal.

The second icon also has a line, but it goes entirely through the middle- resembling geometrical shapes.


fitbit power sync icon

Don’t confront your partner yet if you see a heart icon with dotted arrows! The notification could have originated from Fitbit, a popular fitness app.

Aarogya Setu/Samsung Health App

aarogya setu app logo

Generic heart icons are commonly associated with fitness tracking apps.

You shouldn’t be alarmed about a potential cheater if you spot one with a checkmark on its lower right corner.

The symbol is most likely either Aarogya Setu or the Samsung Health App. Aarogya Setu is an Indian contact tracing app, while Samsung Health App deals with fitness.


anghami app icon

Anghami is a music and podcasting app (similar to Spotify) often used by Arabian listeners.

The icon is a circle enclosing a fading heart symbol tilted sideways. The app is famous across the Middle East and North Africa, and has millions of fans tuned in.


iheart radio logo

iHeartRadio is a music, radio, and podcasting app that is free to use.

Additionally, it’s available across 200 platforms, including both Android and iOS. The notification icon for iHeartRadio is a microphone inside a red heart blasting sound waves.


twitter like notification icon

Many people identify Twitter’s logo as that iconic bluebird.

Nevertheless, you can sometimes receive a heart-shaped notification icon when someone likes your tweet!

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Huawei Health Tracker

huawei health notification icon

Huawei smartphones have a built-in app to measure different fitness metrics like sleep, heart rate, blood oxygen, and more.

The notification icon for the Huawei health tracking app is a heart with an ECG (electrocardiograph) wave on it.

Android Device Health Report

The Device Health Report function on Android phones will appear as a heart notification.

The icon has a circle sliced at about 60 degrees with a heart inside. The service tracks your phone usage and battery life.

Dating Apps With Heart Notifications

We hate to admit it, but many apps with a heart-shaped notification icon are dating apps.

Therefore, if you see the heart icon on your partner’s phone, you may be right in thinking that there’s something going on.

Nevertheless, you are better off talking to them first before jumping to a premature conclusion!


yoomee application in the app store

Two overlapping hearts shaped to resemble a dialog bubble belong to the Yoomee app.

Yoomee is a free-to-install dating app that allows you to send messages to people, even if they’re not your match.

However, if you use up all your in-app hearts, you then have to pay for more!

Clover Dating

clover dating app logo

Is your partner’s notification a heart resembling a clover?

We hate to break it to you, but that icon belongs to Clover Dating, a dating app. The Tinder rival aims to help Gen Z’ers and Millennials find love online.

Coffee Meets Bagel

coffee meets bagel application on phone

Suppose you happen to see a CB notification with a heart in between. In that case, it most likely belongs to the Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) app.

CMB uses an intelligent algorithm to match users with potential suitors. Also, the app suggests personalized icebreakers if users are too shy to start a conversation.


eharmony app logo

eHarmony has a heart notification icon resembling tiled gradients with multiple colors. The shades are blue on the left, red on the right, and purple towards the tip.

eHarmony is a trusted dating site in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. The developers behind eHarmony apply scientific research to measure compatibility while dating.


d-day app on google play

No, it’s not Frontline Commando, but a dating app called D-Day! The app’s full name is “Lovedays – D-Day for Couples.”

The software tracks the age of your relationship, and has a square enclosing a heart as the notification icon.

Plenty of Fish

plenty of fish app notification icon

Plenty of Fish is a Canadian-based dating site.

Though the site claims to be free-to-use, it offers a premium membership if you want to see whether a member liked your profile.

If a screenshot has two diagonally-overlapping hearts, it notifies a user’s MeetMe feature.

Final Thoughts

A heart could mean many things; most people rightly associate love and health with heart icons.

There are millions of apps, and many use a heart-shaped notification icon. Most of these apps match two individuals looking to start a relationship.

Still, multiple non-dating apps also make use of the common symbol.

The heart image could represent a health tracker on your spouse’s phone. In other instances, you could be dealing with a contact tracing or rewards app.

Whatever the app is, you’re probably better off approaching your partner calmly.

Rash decisions will only leave you with embarrassment, and maybe even an egg on your face if your suspicions are wrong!

Remember, it is your partner’s phone, and they alone can put your doubts to rest. Any worthwhile relationship runs on mutual trust, so give that a go first!

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