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What Should I Do If My Headphones Don’t Go In All The Way? (EASY FIXES!)

A problem that nearly every music lover and phone user has experienced at some point is the headphone port on their device becoming loose.

You might be wondering why your headphones don’t go in all the way!

The most common reasons include collection of debris in the headphone port, overuse of headphones, or even abuse of the headphones while they’re connected.

Fortunately, most of the time, this issue can be solved at home and doesn’t need any expert repair.

This article will discuss why your headphones aren’t going in properly, and the ways in which you can make your headphone jack fit properly again!

Why Are My Headphones Not Going In?

iphone with earphone connected to it

There are various reasons as to why your pair of headphones currently aren’t fitting into the port. Let’s have a look at each!

A Size Difference

Although it may sound a bit bizarre, there’s actually a possibility that you’re putting a headphone jack of the wrong size into the port.

There are usually three variations of sizes when it comes to headphone jacks: 2.5mm, 3.5mm, or 6.3mm.

So, while uncommon, there is the chance that you’re trying to put a larger jack into a port that’s too small!

Accumulation Of Dust or Debris In The Port

Debris accumulation probably is the most common reason as to why your headphone jack isn’t fitting into the port anymore.

Many mobile phones and laptops can be faced with this issue. These devices are most constantly exposed to air and other substances (such as salt water), which increases the likelihood of dirt accumulating in the port.

Dirt and debris accumulation can cause connectivity issues or sound problems, not to mention improper headphone jack to port alignment!

Corrosion On The Jack

Sometimes, the humidity exposure can cause corrosion or rust on the nib of headphones.

This rusting results in size enlargement, which means that your jack may no longer fit properly into the headphone port.

Faulty Phone Case

man using his android phone with earphones

When none of the factors above are present, it’s time to check whether your phone case might be a bit too tight (or loose).

A faulty (or improperly-fitting) phone case will result in a continuously changing state of connected and disconnected headphones.

That’s why we always recommend that you use a phone case that fits your phone and provides enough space for charging and headphones port.

It might be time to get a new case!

Bent Headphone Plug

Intentional or unintentional abuse of your headphone set may result in a bent nib.

This can happen if you accidentally sit on your headphones, or simply bend them in some other manner.

If the plug is bent, it will no longer fit properly into the port and will subsequently create a connection problem.

You won’t be able to listen to your calls or music if your jack is bent out of shape!

How Do I Make My Headphone Jack Fit Properly?

white earphone jack

Loosening of the port or damage on the headphone jack can be fixed at home much of the time.

However, some of the aforementioned methods do need proper care and deftness, so we do recommend you consult an expert if you aren’t comfortable performing them yourself.

With that said, let’s move to how you can resolve this problem of headphones not going in all the way!

Change The Device To Find The Actual Fault

This is more of a detection step rather than an actual fix.

You can verify what the real issue is by inserting your headphones into another device.

If they work fine, the problem can then be narrowed down to the original device and not the headphones.

However, if the headphones still don’t work even on the second or third device, that’s where you know you’ll be needing to focus your efforts.

It’s important to establish the exact problem before trying out different solutions!

Clean Out Any Dirt And Debris

man cleaning his smartphone

The most common reason as to why your headphones don’t go in all the way is because of dirt accumulating inside the port.

It’s pretty normal for this to happen especially if you use your phone in outdoor settings frequently.

Follow the steps below carefully remove debris from your headphone port:

  1. Take your phone out in broad daylight, or use a flashlight so that you can properly see the inside of the port.

  2. Take a toothpick or a paperclip (open it wide) and slowly insert it inside the port.

  3. Place your phone at an angle that will show the maximum interior area.

  4. Gently scrape the inner surface and sides of your port.

  5. It’s a good sign if you can feel and see that dirt is being removed from the surface. Carefully extract as much debris as you can, and finish off by using compressed air to blow away any remaining particles.

  6. Try to use the headphones again, and if it works- well done, you did it!

Use A Piece of Paper

Another common reason why your headphones don’t go in all the way is loosening of the port. This can happen due to the extensive use of the headphones.

You can actually use a small piece of paper or aluminum foil to solve this issue by making the headphone jack bigger so that it can fit properly.

Follow the below-mentioned steps for better results when using your headphones:

  1. First, cut the paper you have on hand into a small strip.

  2. Following that, place it horizontally along with the length of your headphone pin, or wrap it at the base.

  3. Adjust the width or length until it perfectly fits inside the headphone port!

You can follow this same procedure using aluminum foil as well.

However, remember that this is only a temporary solution, and it’s only applicable if the headphones pin is smaller than the port.

Additionally, since you’re effectively introducing an external piece of material into your device, we can’t fully recommend this method.

You’ll eventually need a new set of headphones of the right size!

Check Your Warranty

smartphone with headphones connected

Check the receipt or warranty of your headphones and see if it’s still available!

If it is, you may be able to request for a new pair from the company if there is a defect with the headphone jack.

In Conclusion

Having headphone problems is nearly as common as breathing air, so don’t worry if you experience an issue!

Most of the time, headphones not going all the way in is a result of debris collection, faulty phone cases, size differences/changes, or damage to either the jack or port.

You can fix nearly all of these problems easily without having to leave the comfort of your home!

For example, it’s pretty simple to clean out dust and dirt from your phone’s port with enough light and a thin toothpick.

You can also make a jack that’s too small a bit bigger by using paper or foil (though we don’t wholly recommend this).

Finally, if DIY is just not up your alley, you always have the option of taking your headphones and phone to a repair shop to see if they might be able to help!

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