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The Main Differences Between Facetime Audio & Phone Calls

Facetime Audio And Phone Call

Facetime is one of the free video and audio chatting platforms available to iPhone, iPad, and Mac users.

It helps people to communicate with each other through the standard protocols of Facetime video and audio features. It would help to have a stable internet connection to use Facetime audio. 

Facetime audio is limited to Apple users, but you can call from any cell phone. A phone call will cost you more than Facetime audio for an Apple user.

After the iOS 15 update, you can use Facetime on platforms like PC and Android. To make a phone call, you must follow many steps opposite Facetime.

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Facetime Audio and traditional phone calls differ primarily in technology and quality. Facetime Audio, exclusive to Apple devices, uses the internet (Wi-Fi or cellular data) for higher-quality, HD voice calls. In contrast, regular phone calls rely on cellular networks, often resulting in lower audio quality. Facetime also offers better integration with other Apple services and devices.

What Is the Difference Between Facetime Audio and a Phone Call?

Facetime Audio And Phone Call

Facetime is a video chat platform that supports audio calls, which don’t look different from regular phone calls.

When using the Facetime audio, your cameras remain off since Facetime was initially made for video chat. Being an Apple-only technology Facetime Audio And Phone Call, Facetime is only present in Apple products like iPhones, iPad, iPods, and Macs. 

RegularRegular phone calls are becoming expensive. Therefore, Facetime has become an excellent alternative for audio calls. It only uses an internet connection to make the calls.

Facetime uses extra bandwidth to make the call sound more precise. Both parties on a Facetime connection must own compatible hardware, such as an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, for the call to go through.  

If you are in a dead service zone – it could be your office, house, or hotel; Facetime audio will connect you to any other Apple user, Facetime Audio And Phone Call provided you have a decent WiFi connection.

But if you don’t have Facetime or your device doesn’t support Facetime, you will have to make regular phone calls which might cost a lot. You will need a cellphone that can support a sim card, a good network connection, and a credit top-up to make a phone call. 

Regular phone calls are too costly for international travelers. You can make regular phone calls globally unless in a service dead zone.

Both platforms connect you to another person through audio calls. But one requires a stable internet connection, and the other requires a good balance on your sim card.

Why Do Some People Use Facetime Audio?

Facetime Audio And Phone Call

It is unnecessary to have the recipient’s phone number to make an audio call via Facetime. You can make international calls if they have the email address.

Facetime has made life so easy that you can receive or make Facetime audio calls through your Mac or Apple product if you are Facetime Audio And Phone Call far from your cell phone. You can enjoy high quality and sharper sound than the traditional phone call. 

Facetime audio uses Wideband technology to make the calls crystal clear. When put side by side, the two platforms are as different as television from the 1970s and an IMAX theater.

Using the voice feature of FaceTime to keep in touch with far-flung loved ones is a fantastic convenience. 

Suppose you are talking to a friend or your family and want to show them something you have recently bought.

In that case, you can toggle Facetime video immediately, as moving from Facetime audio to video is easy and makes communication more real. 

If you live far away from your family Facetime Audio And Phone Call and want to stay connected to them daily, Facetime audio is cheap or free, depending on your data plan.

Facetime audio is end-to-end encrypted, so it is safe for people in business or regular people to discuss their matters, which Facetime Audio And Phone Call they know are secure and no one will leak. 

Overall, if you compare it with a typical traditional phone call, Facetime audio has a lot of benefits. Apple users and users on other platforms supporting Facetime certainly prefer it over making phone calls.

Is Facetime Audio More Secure Than a Phone Call?

Facetime Audio And Phone Call

As Facetime audio is end-to-end encrypted, it is safe to use. This encryption ensures that no one else can join or listen to your conversation besides you and the other person on call.

Encryption makes sure that hackers cannot hack your calls. You are safe if you talk to the people you know. 

Facetime is private as no one records your calls, and Apple does not store any part of your calls. Apple creates a unique ID for the Facetime Audio And Phone Call Facetime audio user to ensure that the calls route and connect correctly.

Besides this, the Facetime app is secure as well. Facetime audio is safe, secure, and private, but only attend calls from a recognized email, number, or someone close to you if you want to improve your safety. 

Never respond to a message or call from an unknown sender. Ensure you are linked to a safe network, such as your home WiFi or a cellular data connection.

If you are still determining the Facetime Audio And Phone Call security of a free public internet service, you should not use it to make essential calls. 

No one makes any Facetime audio calls from your device without your consent. Don’t give access to your mobile to anyone else besides you. Using a passcode or face detection will deny access to others besides you. 

Apple has a two-step verification process, which requires anyone trying to sign in to verify their identity using an approved method.

Even if someone gets the password, the person trying to sneak in would need another password to access the device. Facetime audio is too safe and secure that anyone can use it.

Facetime Audio vs. Phone Call Battery Usage

Both platforms drain a good amount of battery, but many other factors drain your battery fast while using Facetime audio or making a phone call.

When making a phone call, it is evident that it utilizes many cell phone parts like the signal receiver, sim card reader, LCD screen, mic, and earpiece.

These parts need a good battery to run for extended talk time hours. But when we talk about Facetime audio, it uses fewer Facetime Audio And Phone Call parts than phone calls. 

If you want to save your battery from quick drainage, close your background apps and dim the brightness, this will help you save some percentage of a storm. Overall, Facetime drains less battery than a typical traditional phone call.

Does Facetime Audio Cost Money?

The Facetime application with integrated cameras is free and installed on Apple mobile and iOS devices.

Apple doesn’t levy any charges for making Facetime Audio And Phone Call or connections. Apple requires a free Apple ID to utilize a Facetime app on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. 

Facetime requires an internet connection via a WiFi network, Cellular connection, or hotspot connection. Facetime audio costs you money, but it is less when you compare it to regular phone calls.

The only cost you must afford is the Facetime Audio And Phone Call amount paid for a stable internet connection. Even if Facetime audio costs money for the internet, it is still cheaper than regular phone calls.


1. Does Facetime use phone call minutes?

Facetime entirely relies on an internet connection, and it uses cellular data or WiFi signals necessary for its functionality. In any case, it does not use the phone call minutes. On the other hand, making a regular phone call uses phone call minutes.

2. How can you start a video chat using Facetime?

Launch the application of Facetime from your Apple device. Tap the plus sign, dial the email or number of the person you want to call and start the video call by tapping on the video camera sign.

3. How many people can you add on Facetime simultaneously?

Facetime supports 31 video calls at the same time. It means you can enjoy a party or attend a meeting from your mobile phone for as long as it doesn’t exceed 31 calls.

4. Can you make a phone call during Facetime?

Yes, you can make or receive a phone call while Facetiming. The person on Facetime will stay on hold unless you quit the phone call and move back to Facetime.

5. How to use Facetime on Android?

There is no application for Facetime on Android or Windows. But you can join Facetime through a link. iOS 15 has this feature to share the link with Android users, allowing them to join Facetime. 

If you have iOS 15, you will create a link from your Facetime app. You have to share it with your friends on Android or Windows. They will click the link, which carries them to a room where they will wait for you to allow them to join the call.


Facetime audio and traditional phone calls are two different platforms. Both can come in handy in various situations; Facetime audio will help you in a dead service zone, and a regular phone call will help when you have no internet connection.

You can enjoy more options with Facetime Audio And Phone Call than a regular phone call. It is less costly than a typical phone call.

However, Facetime audio is available only to Apple users. If you are an Android user, you can join the call through a link if the Apple user has iOS 15.

We’ve looked at the benefits of Facetime audio and hope this article helps you decide if you ever have to pick between Facetime audio and phone calls.

Facetime audio is an end-to-end encrypted application for Apple product users and is a better option than a traditional phone call.

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