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Do iPhone XR Cases Fit iPhone X’s? (Unfortunate Truth)

do iphone xr cases fit iphone x

It’s all too common to pour money into accessories when buying new Apple products- everything from headphones to dongles, to screen protectors and cases- so it makes sense to try to save some money on the true essentials.

Having recently changed phones, I found myself wondering:

“Do iPhone XR cases fit iPhone X’s?”

Unfortunately, here’s the bad news: iPhone XR cases do not fit the iPhone X.

If you’re looking to get a case for an iPhone X, it’s important to get a case that will fit the phone properly and protect the phone from damage.

Read on for a complete guide on why iPhone XR cases don’t fit the iPhone X or XS, even when the size and design of the phones seem to be so alike!

Are iPhone X and XR The Same Size?

Are iPhone X and XR The Same Size

The two phones are slightly different sizes. iPhone XR cases don’t fit the iPhone X because the XR is too big.

The XR was the source of mixed reviews for its large size, with some consumers expressing concerns over the inconvenience caused by such a large mobile device.

In fact, the large size of the iPhone XR is the exact reason that its case isn’t compatible with its little sibling, the iPhone X.

In terms of measurements, The iPhone XR is 2.98 inches wide, 5.94 inches tall, and .33 of an inch deep.

The iPhone X, on the other hand, is 2.79 inches wide, 5.65 inches tall, and 0.30 inches deep.

Are iPhone XR and X The Same Size

Although those numbers may not seem significantly different, it’s actually a pretty big variance.

When dealing with an item as small as a cellphone, small differences in dimension can create a sizable end result to the proportions of the device.

For instance, those extra fractions of an inch mean that an iPhone XR case won’t give an iPhone X the kind of snug, secure fit that you’d want to ensure that the phone is properly protected from damage if it’s dropped.

If it was a matter of just .1 or .2 of a millimetre, that would be a different story.

In that case, certain cases would be the right size to accommodate a bigger phone (and in a moment, we’ll get to the cases and phones that do match each other.

However, when a case is too large, it won’t be able to perform the functions you need from it.

With that being said, there are still ways to put that old iPhone XR case to good use.

What Can An iPhone XR Case Fit?

The good news is that if you have an iPhone XR case and are looking to save some money when you’re setting up a new phone, you do have some options for iPhone models that will fit the case dimensions.

The best option of all would be the standard iPhone 11.

The iPhone 11 has the most similar measurements to the iPhone XR and, therefore, will snugly fit into an iPhone XR case.

What Can An iPhone XR Case Fit

The similar size and design of the iPhone 11 allow it to be reasonably protected when placed inside an XR case.

However, there are still some complications to consider.

The most significant problem with using an iPhone XR case for an iPhone 11 is the shape of the camera lenses.

The iPhone 11 and iPhone XR have differently shaped camera lenses. As a result, the camera cutout on an iPhone XR case won’t be the same shape as the lenses on your iPhone 11.

If you are testing out an iPhone XR case on an iPhone 11, be sure to check whether the camera lens or the flashbulb is blocked by the case as this will definitely disrupt your ability to use your phone.

Nonetheless, if you’re in a fix and need to save money on a case, grab your nearest iPhone 11 and slide on the iPhone XR case.

The phone will fit securely in the case and ensure that your phone is not severely damaged if dropped.

What Cases Fit The iPhone X?

What Cases Fit The iPhone X

If you have an iPhone X with no case for it to call home, then there’s plenty you can do.

The best match for an iPhone X is the iPhone XS case, which, despite its functional upgrades, has an almost identical design and similar weight. The two are only different by a fraction of an ounce.

That means that an iPhone XS case should fit on the iPhone X like a glove.

Additionally, unlike with other phones/case combos, the camera hardware is fairly similar. That means that there won’t be any disruptions to the camera with clicking on a different case.

Why You Shouldn’t Put An iPhone XR Case On An iPhone X?

If you’ve already bought an XR case for your iPhone X, you’re probably thinking of putting it on there anyway, even though you now know it’s the wrong size.

Putting an iPhone XR case on an iPhone X is less than ideal. While not fatal, it still wouldn’t be very good at all for your iPhone X.

When a case is too big for a phone, it’ll slide around in the case. If it’s bent at the wrong angle, it might even fall out which would kind of defeat the purpose of a protective shell!

For that reason, the best thing you can do for your iPhone X is to get a case that matches its size.

The first best option is, of course, an iPhone X case; nothing’s better than a case specifically designed for that particular phone! The next best would, as we highlighted above, certainly be an iPhone XS case.


All in all, the answer to the question of whether an iPhone XR case fits an iPhone X is a definitive no.

There are some cases that would fit the iPhone X, like the iPhone XS, and there are other iPhones that fit iPhone XR cases (such as the iPhone 11).

If you fit a different iPhone case onto an iPhone that you’re supposed to, you’ll end up putting your phone at risk of damage.

So, at the end of the day, the very best thing you can do to keep your iPhone safe is to get the case designed specifically for the phone. For the iPhone X, that means getting an iPhone X case.

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