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What Does “Call With Checkmark Verified by Carrier” Mean? (ANSWERED! 2024)

Call with checkmark verified by carrier

Four years ago, Apple implemented a new feature on iOS 13 for “carrier-verified calls.” This displayed calls that STIR/SHAKEN has verified on iPhones. 

Since then, many users have become confused about this. 

What is STIR/SHAKEN? Can I disable it? And what purpose does it serve? 

The “call with checkmark verified by carrier” message shows that the call has been through STIR/SHAKEN protocols and procedures. The procedure checks for spam callers

Therefore, when you see the message, it means that it is safe for you to pick up the call!


STIR (Secure Telephony Identity Revisited) and SHAKEN (Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs) are well known. 

They are a series of protocols and procedures created to identify and avoid caller ID spoofing on PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). 

Caller ID spoofing is when the caller ID shows another caller and not the actual person who is calling you. Many use it for malicious reasons, such as pranks and scams. Because of the various risks, many feel that caller ID is no longer trustworthy.

STIR/SHAKEN helps to protect you from scam callers. They add a digital stamp to the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) information. 

It is used to start and take calls through VoIP (Voice-Over-IP) systems. Some systems are non-VoIP, like landlines and mobile phones, so the SS7 (Signaling System No. 7) carries the call routing information. 

In these cases, STIR/SHAKEN goes through certain guidelines to protect you from caller ID spoofing.


Yes, it is to a degree. After all, the United States has been going through an absolute epidemic of robocalls. The STIR/SHAKEN protocols and guidelines save you from the stress and risks associated with picking up these kinds of calls

Although many callers simply waste your time, others can trick you into doing things you definitely shouldn’t. These risks include giving personal information or depositing money to fake companies. 

The STIR/SHAKEN protocol is so important that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires its use!

However, the way Apple implemented the technology has brought some criticism. A recent The Verge article written by Chaim Gartenberg, a tech specialist, says that the system is useless on an iOS device. 

This is mainly because calls are only identified after they are realized – not when the caller is calling. The same happens on Android phones that support STIR/SHAKEN. 

The purpose of the protocols is to help you avoid robocalls. So, if you only discover that the call was a robocall when you see it in the call log or when you pick it up, then it doesn’t really do the job! 

Can I Disable “Call With Checkmark Verified by Carrier”?

No, you can’t disable the feature. STIR/SHAKEN is a series of protocols and procedures so the user can’t disable it. Generally, there is no good reason why someone would want to disable it anyway since it’s beneficial! 

The “call with checkmark verified by carrier” message shows that the call has been through these protocols and procedures, which consider it safe for you to pick up. 

The system on Apple devices is unfortunately not as efficient as it should be. However, there are other ways to keep yourself safe from robocalls if you have an iPhone.

This article from Digital Trends written by Jackie Dove and Kevin Perrish details several ways to keep your iPhone safe from robocalls. 

One of these is to use apps that block robocalls. There are numerous apps available, so simply choose one that is best for you! 

Alternatively, you can use the iOS settings to silence unknown callers, which works very well with STIR/SHAKEN. That way, your phone will only ring with phone calls made by someone on your Contacts list. 

iPhones have different settings that are helpful for avoiding robocalls. More and more people are becoming aware of automated calls, and correspondingly more effort has been put into solving this problem.

Popular Questions About “Call With Checkmark Verified by Carrier”

  1. Is “Call With Checkmark Verified By Carrier” Dangerous Or An Invasion Of Privacy?

No, absolutely not! It is a message that shows that your call went through the STIR/SHAKEN system and has been verified. 

Therefore, the caller ID is genuine and not someone pretending to call from a number you don’t know. 

No one checks or violates the content of the call in any way in the STIR/SHAKEN process. So, if you see the message in your call log, it’s a good thing! Since it is the FCC’s most efficient tool against robocalls, it is something you want to see.

  1. What Are Robocalls?

Robocalls are phone calls that deliver a pre-recorded message, giving the impression that you are talking to a real person. 

It has become more advanced, and people use it in many different ways. However, it’s mainly used to scam people out of money or sensitive information.

Although they are not necessarily a bad thing since they can at times be helpful in certain legitimate situations, regulations have become stricter around their use due to the malicious activities they’re often involved in. 

In Conclusion

“Call with checkmark verified by carrier” is a message that appears on iPhone devices to show the user that the call has been through the STIR/SHAKEN system. 

It is a series of procedures and protocols that correctly identify the Caller ID. Therefore, the system helps the user avoid fake calls and robocalls. 

Although the message can’t be disabled, it doesn’t pose any risk to the user – so there’s no need to worry about it. With robocalls and scam calls becoming more popular, it’s a good security feature to have on your phone!

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