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Why Does My Call Automatically Cut After 1 Hour? (SOLVED! 2024)

Auto call cut after 1 hour

Have you ever been in a situation where your call just disconnected, seemingly out of nowhere? 

What could’ve been the cause? Was it your phone, or the network provider?

You may have already established that it’s not because you ran out of minutes – and that just makes it all the more frustrating. 

So, why does your call automatically cut after 1 hour?

Our research has led us to some interesting results that you won’t want to miss out on! 

It’s potentially the result of cell signal obstruction, a congested network, fair usage policies, certain laws and regulations, being too far away from cell towers, or incorrect phone settings.

Dig in deeper and find out why your call cuts automatically after 1 hour – as well as how to fix it!

Why Does My Call Automatically Cut After 1 Hour?

There are many reasons apart from poor signal causing your calls to be automatically disconnected: 

Cell Signal Barriers

Natural or artificial obstructions could prevent your phone from properly receiving network signals.  Some natural network obstructions can include trees, hills, or even a heavy storm. 

Artificial barriers include skyscrapers, bridges, vehicles, and any other structure made of glass, metal, or brick.

A Congested Network

Network signal has a tendency to worsen when it becomes overcrowded in your area. This is especially common during emergencies or large events like sports events or concerts. 

Providers will often disconnect longer calls to prevent excess traffic from jamming the network completely.

Fair Usage Policies

Especially in crowded areas like an urban setup, it’s common for network service providers to implement call drops so that everyone gets a fair turn!

Laws and Regulations

Network providers’ site regulations provide them with the authority to implement call drops after long durations. 

However, government authorities have been strict with telecommunication companies. As a consumer, it’s essential to understand that you can receive compensation for call drops.

Proximity to Cell Towers

Rural areas are the hardest hit here, due to the sparingly spread out network towers in most places. However, technology is improving to connect people in these sparsely populated regions.

Phone Setup

Whether it’s an Android phone or an iPhone device, some smartphones come with features that limit call durations. There’s a chance that you might have enabled that feature by accident. 

It’s also a good idea to check with your carrier provider for any software updates that may be restricting you from getting the best out of your device. 

A faulty SIM card could be another reason, as any damage to that could lead to your call being automatically cut short.

Does Automatic Call Disconnection Affect Your Phone?

Yes, it does. Automatic call disconnection often occurs with calls lasting for a long duration. 

However, this isn’t absolute. In some instances, the duration limit can be much shorter with fifteen or thirty minutes being an estimated average. 

While call disconnections can be incredibly annoying, they’re not all bad. It’s important to weigh their pros and cons before you go all out in trying to fix it!


Accidental Calls

Butt dials” are a common phenomenon, especially since most of us use smartphones nowadays whose screens can be activated by accident

When you accidentally dial a number, an automatic call disconnection can be your last line of defense against losing all of your prepaid minutes. 

Battery Saver

Most mobile devices will alert you when the battery is about to run out. When your connection cuts off during long phone conversations, it may be a feature that’s helping you to extend the battery life. You can, of course, call the person back immediately.

Minutes Manager

Most people make calls on a plan or pre-purchased minutes. It’s common across several countries in the world and is a valid way for network service providers to generate revenue. 

The longer your calls last, the more minutes you consume and the more money you inevitably spend. However, with limits on call durations, you’ll be able to save those valuable minutes.

Fairness in Phone Usage

While it might seem pretty annoying that your call disconnects automatically without your permission, it’s actually quite necessary in the grand scheme of things. 

After all, if everyone were making phone calls ‘round the clock with no disconnections, some people would perpetually be unable to make calls due to network congestion! 

However, when automatic disconnections kick in, it helps to ensure that others – including yourself – can make calls when you really have to. 


Inconvenience While Calling

Some users will be genuinely affected by abrupt call disconnections!

No Control

More often than not, automatic call disconnections are out of your control and wholly unpredictable. 

How Do I Remove This One-Hour Call Limit?

Telco regulators are piling pressure on some communication companies to find solutions to the call drops. 

We’ve already answered why it happens. However, until telecommunication companies find a more permanent solution, here are a few possible solutions you can try:

Reboot Your Connection

Restarting your device has a significant impact on cleaning out any software and memory problems. 

It can also help your phone to find new or existing networks to connect to. Restart your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular data connections as well while you’re at it!

Contact Network Provider

A few carriers exert limitations on call duration. You can always contact them to find out ways to bypass this problem. Other providers offer Wi-Fi-enabled phone calls that don’t rely solely on the cellular network.

Locate Your Closest Tower

Find the nearest network tower around your location. Ensure your signal bar on the phone is as complete as possible. 

If possible, avoid any physical structures that may be hindering you from receiving the full strength of the network. You may have to relocate to an area with better network coverage!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Some Phones Offer Better Network Connectivity Than Others?

Yes. When searching for signals, cheaper phones may not be able to provide the superior and reliable internet connection that more expensive, premium phones do. 

For example, when you connect to 5G, you’ll experience better performance than any lower-generation mobile network.

Does The Phone Have A Time Limit?

Not exactly. Most mobile devices lose network coverage due to connectivity problems. 

However, some settings and applications could limit the usage of your device. If you can establish this as an issue, simply disable these functions and your device will operate smoothly again!

Why Are Calls Getting Disconnected After A Short Moment?

It’s uncommon for networks to cut calls automatically after just 15-30 minutes. The problem could therefore be in your phone! Check for bugs and firewall settings that may be interfering with its operations.

Alternatively, network coverage can also be a possibility. Ensure you have at least 3 bars showing on your phone when you’re making a call.

You’ve Made It!

We’ve gotten this far in our journey of discovery, and you’ve now got what it takes to figure out exactly why your phone call automatically cuts off!

From making sure that you’re in an area with reliable network coverage to adjusting your phone settings, we’ve equipped you with all the necessary knowledge. 

There may be a few adjustments needed, but eventually, you’ll get back to those 2-hour phone calls!

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