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(Quick Fix) Android Auto Disconnects When Phone is Locked 

Android Auto Disconnect

Android Auto disconnects when the phone is locked because it needs the phone to stay unlocked. It requires an active screen to display the phone’s contents on the car’s screen. The easy solution to avoid this problem is to keep your screen open. 

Some people need help setting up the car infotainment system to have primary access to navigation, audio, and other intelligent features.

Though dozens of apps and software are available, they need more to fulfill their purpose due to clumsy interface or connection problems. 

Nevertheless, Android Auto is a perfect source for projecting the phone’s screen onto the car’s infotainment system. It is an efficient app with a smooth and fast interface. The app is also easy to use and set up through Bluetooth or a USB cable.

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To fix Android Auto disconnecting when your phone is locked, enable “Stay Awake” in Developer Options. This prevents your phone from sleeping while charging. Also, check your phone’s Bluetooth and USB settings to ensure they don’t limit connections when locked. Updating Android Auto and your phone’s OS can also resolve compatibility issues.

How Does Android Auto Work? 

Android Auto Disconnects

Android Auto is an innovative and straightforward app. Google developed Android Auto to make car rides easy and safe by projecting the phone’s screen onto the car’s screen. 

You can connect Android Auto to the car by downloading the app to your smartphone and then pairing the phone with the car through Bluetooth or a USB cable.

Once paired, the phone’s screen displays on the car’s infotainment screen. You can then thoroughly navigate the phone’s screen without having to touch the phone while driving. 

How to Keep Android Auto Disconnects When the Phone is Locked?

Android Auto Disconnects

Android Auto disconnects when the phone is locked. The app only shows what is on your phone screen.

When you or the device locks, the screen is blank, so there is nothing to display on the car’s screen. Its primary operating function with no magic or spells working in the background. Hence, keep the phone’s screen unlocked to keep Android Auto working. 

Furthermore, the phone screen must be unlocked when the car connects to Android Auto. If you lock the device’s screen while pairing, the device will connect to the vehicle via Bluetooth or cable, but the screen will only show on the phone rather than the car screen. Thus it is essential to keep the phone unlocked at all times.

Any other disconnection issues can be due to a screen saver in the phone. Make sure to turn off the screen saver before you pair up the Android Auto. 

Some Common Issues When Connecting Android Auto

Android Auto Disconnects

Android Auto is a great and flexible app. However, it sometimes fails to connect to the car or has some reoccurring connection issues. 

Some common issues that cause Android Auto connection problems are: 

Outdated App or Software: If the Android Auto app or the smartphone’s operating system is not current, it can disrupt the connection. The solution is to keep the phone updated and install the latest app version. 

Battery Optimization Settings: Battery optimization can prevent the proper functioning of Android Auto. Make sure to turn off the battery optimization for Android Auto. 

Corrupt Cache: A specific update or installation of Android Auto can put some corrupt cache in the phone. This corrupt cache can stop connections between the devices. In such a case, clear the data and cache of Android Auto to return the app’s functioning. 

Issues With A USB Connection: Check whether Android Auto won’t connect to see whether the USB cord is damaged.

A problem in the cable or USB port of the phone makes this an issue. Nevertheless, clean the mobile’s USB port and ensure the line works fine. If this persists, change your USB cable or check if your port is faulty.

Why Use Android Auto?

Android Auto Disconnects

Android Auto is an excellent way to navigate the phone’s accessories through the car. It makes car rides more comfortable and safe and keeps you from checking the phone often. Also, it allows you to attend to calls or messages quickly. 

Smooth Integration: Android Auto is a friendly extension of the Android phone rather than a separate clumsy interface. It allows you to accomplish things like sending and receiving texts, calls, getting directions, playing music, and more.

Easy to Enable: Android Auto is a simple connection between a smartphone and a car’s infotainment system. Connecting via Wirelessly or a USB cord allows you to use your phone while driving. 

Access to vehicle sensors: Android Auto uses the car’s sensors and input methods to make driving more relaxing, secure, and fun. It’s simple to picture how this technology may operate together in harmony, especially with the future of electric Automobiles.

Limitations of Android Auto 

Android Auto Disconnects

Android Auto makes navigation and other aspects of driving easier. However, there are some limitations to Android Auto that a user faces. They are:

  • Specific vehicles have compatibility issues.
  • Not available in certain countries.
  • Old versions of Android phones might need a USB cable connection.
  • The battery drains faster.
  • It causes some lag in the phone. 

Nonetheless, these issues are some things the user puts up with to get the most out of Android Auto’s flexible and efficient interface.


Google introduced Android Auto to help people drive with ease and peace of mind. The safe ride allows you to navigate all the phone’s features on the car’s screen.

However, the common problem is that Android Auto disconnects when the phone is locked.

That happens because the app requires you to keep the screen active to project the screen onto the car’s screen. The solution to the problem is easy, and it only requires good battery power. But it is safe to say it is worth it for what it offers in return. 

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